Medical Clinic


Do you want all of your doctors in one setting, or do you prefer to pick and choose your doctors no matter what their location? That is the question you face is determining if you want to use a larger medical clinic or an individual doctor for your primary medical care. Each side has its benefits and its drawbacks. Medical clinics have a lot of different doctors in one setting, often each doctor has an different specialty. This makes referrals, and sometimes payments, easy. Some clinics even have their own lab, so it reduces fees for sending out tests and blood work to an outside agency. For the patient who is eagerly awaiting results, it can even reduce the time it takes to get an answer. A private practice physician, though, often has the opportunity to get to know his or her patients better. They are often in a smaller practice, and each patient is also a customer. Because they are not caught in a corporate setting, their fees are sometimes lower or can be individualized to the patient in order to make visits more affordable. Their staff often communicates better, and they often know exactly who patients are when they call. The drawbacks? Well, a large medical clinic can be more impersonal and bureaucratic. Doctors can be harder to reach and may not know who you are due to the sheer volume of patients that come through the doors. And a private practice physician may not have easy access to resources like the proximity of physicians with differing specialties or labs. They may also be more limited as to what insurance coverage they accept. So the answer to the question of whether you should got to a clinic or a private practice physician is not simple, and you are the only one who can answer it. Think about what your particular needs are and find what works for you. Ask questions of different doctors, friends, and family members and find your preference to find the best doctor or clinical setting that works for you.

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