Employee Discrimination And Harassment At Lowes


Q: Does anyone have the contact information for Human Resources (HR) for Lowes Home improvement store(s) in Tallahassee Florida. I was informed of a case of employee harassment by an assistant manager, witnessed by customers. The employee is afraid for her job and therefore reluctant to report the incidents, however, did inquire with a few customers on how to resolve this matter. It's a shame to really need a job so badly that you must tolerate torture - and this is 21st Century America?

A: There's probably a section in the poor harassee's Employee Handbook that details exactly what she should do. Why do you assume she is incapable of doing this? Write a letter describing exactly what you saw and give it to the girl and let her take care of it. Oh, wait, you didn't actually see it... Public torture? You mean with red hot implements and bamboo splinters and stuff? how about calling the store and asking for the Human Resources Department? An assistant manager harrassed another employee, or the asssistant manager told you about a case of harrassment? If it is the latter, I somehow doubt that he is supposed to be talking about personnell matters at work to someone other than a superior or HR person. If it is the former, then the employee needs to report it, or the complaint won't go anywhere If I were the store manager, I wouldn't believe some "alledged" case of harassment by some yahoo who doesn't work for the store and who didn't personally witness the "event" in question. The person should contact the local office of the EEOC http://www.eeoc.gov/ on the side of the page their is a link to the field offices. The person in question should not contact Human Resources. The people at HR work for Lowes they probablywill side with the assistant manager.He may be a more valuable an employee than you. You have to stand up to him and tell him

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