There No Side Effects Of Taking Baking Soda Constantly As A Remedy For Heartburn


Q: Is there no side effects of taking baking soda constantly as a remedy for heartburn?

A:thats a lot of sodium to be ingesting, how about seeing your doctor for a script of protonix or prevacid? I did, best move I ever made, heartburn free for 2 years now. You could try Prilosec OTC also. There could be side-effects in that you may be taking in too much sodium. This could raise your blood pressure and have other effects. Reduce the amount of fatty food you eat, particularly if you have a lot of fried stuff. Eat plenty of fruit nd vegetables, preferably raw or cooked in ways other than frying. You may find that you stop getting heartburn. Prevention is far better than cure. Baking soda is alkaline in nature. it rise the ph of stomach. excessive or prolong ingestion of soda may derange the acid base mechanism of body. so dear friend you have to consult your physician to check the stomach. he may adv. you for endoscopy also. I dont think there are major common side effects (except for all the sodium may raise your blood pressure, especially if you use it really often) unless you use it a lot, but constantly taking basic anatacids like tums, baking soda, and rolaids can cause your stomach to release more acid to try to compensate and neutralize them. also, i know long term use of acid reducing drugs can cause weakening of the stomach lining since the body doesnt have to try as hard to protect itself, but that can happen with anything you use to reduce acid. like somebody said, if youre experiencing heartburn really often it might be a good idea to go to the doctor and get a prescription drug like protonix, prevacid, nexium, omeprazole or try prilosec OTC

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