Heartburn And Chest Pain

Q: I kept getting heartburn. Wound up taking baking soda mixed with water in greater and greater quantities. One night I was really hurting. My wife demanded that I go to the ER. Guess what, it wasn't heartburn at all, it was my heart. Wound up a few days later with heart surgery and three bypasses. Ten years later, another three bypasses. Since then, so far so good. But, even though I have not had heartburn again it is coming up on another 10 yrs. this next month. That heartburn can be heart attacks. However, I am very concerned about this. Maybe this is true, but maybe this is not true. All I ever want to find is a suitable treatment for heartburn and chest pain Because heartburn causes my chest pain So can anyone in the group help me please?

A:Generally speaking, this is true. However, if I ran to the doctor or the Emergency ward every time I had chest pain, I'd spend waaay more time than I want to lying on a gurney hooked up to a monitor, and spend way more in doctor bills than I want to. I've done that twice. No more. Every so often I have esophageal spasms which cause intense chest pain that radiates up into my jaw and often down my arm. It feel like the classic description of a heart attack. The first time it happened, the doctor I saw in Emergency insisted that a cardiologist come in and check me out. I wasn't having a heart attack, but he sent me to a cardiologist, who gave me a treadmill test. The cardiologist didn't like the looks of the treadmill test, so I had an angiogram. I had a spell of chest pain during the angiogram. His conclusion? "You are in no danger of having a heart attack." The next time I had the pain it didn't stop, so I called my doctor. He was on his lunch hour and didn't call me back for almost two hours. Then he told me to go to Emergency. After three hours on a gurney (in the hallway) I was sent home. The next time I saw the doctor, I complained about his waiting so long to return my call. He said, "I knew you weren't having a heart attack." Now when I get the pain, I check my pulse. If it's strong and steady, and not particularly fast, I just wait out the pain. It's cheaper and more comfortable to do it at home. If I ever have a weak, uneven, or really fast pulse when I'm having the pains, I'll call the doctor.

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