Army Cheat Correspondence Course, Correspondence Course Answers! I'm Enlisted And Trying To Make My Cutoff!


Q: I would actually drive down to the 7th Army NCO Academy at Grafenwoehr on my own time, find out which class this guy was in, and then embarrass him in front of his entire class. Plus, more embarrassment when he was dragging his duffel bags on the way back home. I doubt he will let us all know what unit he is in or where he is stationed. In fact, I would be surprised if he even came back to this newsgroup. People like this make me sick.

A:are you still in the army? If you are maybe we can talk. First of all I'll start with an apology to those of you that I have offended. This was not my intent. For the person who E-mailed me because he felt threatened - don't feel that way. I'm no threat to you. Just to the way things are. The truth is I really don't cheat on correspondence, I have on the other hand assisted others who may be stuck on a particular question. I don't give them the answer either. I might tell them where or how to find it. I've lured you all in to present you with the real problem. Our problem is that the system has slowed down to a point of stopping. Yes, AIPD - ACCP's budget has been cut so badly that they have limited active enrollments to one course or three subcourse at one time. You can order up to eight subcourse but will only get three at a time... Now it takes anywhere from a week to a couple months to receive a course. If it takes a day to do and is returned via US mail, expect a response in three weeks to a month. Weeks after, you will receive your next subcourse. How many of you new this? It's probably been a while since some of you have even done correspondence. So, military education counts for 150 points which is 750 credit hours. No wonder it takes some very high speed soldiers to reach E-5 in 4 to five years. If you E-mail ACCP they instruct you to talk to your chain of command. They don't tell you what to say or what your chain of command can do. It's not like my chain of command can change the cut off score for me or anything. I was hoping that someone out there does have some answers. You all have proven that the information learned in the books is important but yet someone is not making funding available so that I can be all I can be (A high speed over achiever). I need to know if there is a high ranking person or a congressman or representative who can help me. Yes, I am still in the army, I'm an MPI. When I read you're first post, I was under the impression that you where the type who passed around completed ACCP books. Helping someone who is stuck is a fine thing to do, as long as you don't just give them the answer sheet. As far as the AIPD goes, I agree that their new policy stinks, it takes forever to get the courses. Let me recommend that you first complete all the courses they offer online. All the material is there, you can complete several in one day. I think there is approx. 150 hours offered in this manner.

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