Associate Of Art Degree?


Q: I'm interested in talking about art colleges. It's a shame this place has been spammed so much. Anyway, I was interested in talking to people about post bacca o major in something at art school. I read in Art Center's catalogue that a lot of students there already have BAs or have transferred from other schools. My school is very liberal arts and the closest I can come to majoring in anything practical is visual arts (studio art). Still, I get the sense that it's gallery oriented versus graphic design and illustration oriented. Are there any stories of loan woes? That's the biggest roadblock for me. I'm poor already and post graduation will be in debt a couple thousand dollars. I've thought about skipping out on art school altogether and just going into the real world, but I've heard places like ArtCenter are really intense and are good for making contacts. Is the financial aid decent? How do people cope with the money issues?

A:In truth it doesn't matter so much what you study before you go to Art Center, they have their own program and will "re-instruct" you in their image. This isn't a bad thing, cause their program is the strongest (MOHO) in the nation. I attended the Kansas City Art Institute for a year, and let me tell you everything at Art Center is so much more advance! I read the thread on Art Center. I went to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, for my undergrad degree. I also was a transfer student. You can get an associates degree from a number of community colleges, and then get your BFA from an art school. I think it adds diversity to your knowledge bank, and is considerably easier on your wallet. Also, there are some really good community college programs out there. At the school where I teach, the instructors all have MFA's from "prestigious" art schools and universities. I know that some of my fellow grad students also went on to teach at community colleges. Good luck, and good art. Starting in a community college and then transferring to another program for a BFA is a good idea that works, one caveat, however- Be sure that the BFA program you are transferring to will accept your community college credit. Some university programs are hesitant to accept credit from what they perceive as strictly "vocational" programs.

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