Heartburn In Early Pregnancy


Q: I think we've all read the 'standard' symptoms of early pregnancy - missing a period, being tired, nausea, and so on. But I've seen (and experienced) symptoms that never appear on any chart *before* finding out I was pregnant, such as: * gagging on my toothbrush * feeling scatterbrained and unable to remember/focus/think * suddenly developing an aversion to things with caffeine Somebody else mentioned 'gassiness'? Is this a possible symptom, and if it is, what causes it? (I've been plagued with this now for a week, bleah). What are some other symptoms you have experienced, especially *before finding out you were pregnant*, that never appear in a chart of standard symptoms?

A:gassiness has been on and off again a problem with constipation - food is supposed to be moving more slowly through your system. I read that you should try to eat slowly to avoid swallowing air which can make you gassy. I was suspitious that I was pregnant when I got heartburn the week I missed my period. I never get heartburn. Your breasts might hurt too. Mine are so sore I hate rolling over in bed! I have had headache, nausea most of the day, little cramping, pee a lot more, already some food aversions. I usually love Chinese food and when it was suggested to me for lunch I felt like puking. I have gotten out of breath walking up two flights of stairs and I was jogging regularly just two months ago. I just feel tired and queasy/sick most of the time. What about spotting? That is what most alarmed me after I was positive on a pregnancy test. The next week (5th week of pregnancy)I spotted a little bit. I read it was sometimes an indication of the fetus implanting itself on the uterine wall. The first time it was a couple of brown-red spots and 3 days later a couple of bright red blood spots. Of course I was worried, but it is probably normal since it is so little and early still. I am not going to worry about it until I see my doctor this week.

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