Compliance Letter Examples???


Q: Compliance Letter examples??? I'm looking for some examples of Y2K Compliance Letters from various companies. I've seen some that don't seem to actually address the issue specifically and I'd like to compare with some quality, knowledgeable, professional compliance letters. Any suggestions would be helpful.

A: Here is an actual example from a software product company, which may or may not be the kind of thing you're looking for: " Thank you for your enquiry about how the arrival of the year 2000 may affect . We are very aware of the importance of establishing the millennium compliance not only of the products we sell but also of the software we use internally. The current status of our internal systems is: Year 2000 Planned date Compliance compliant compliance confirmed Office PCs / other computers Yes 31st Jul 1998 3rd Aug 1998 Administration support software Yes 15th Mar 1998 Accounts software Yes 15th Mar 1998 Ancillary office systems All but one 30th Nov 1998 where "Yes" indicates that: a) the relevant supplier claims compliance for our version of the software / system involved, b) we have checked that our usage of the software / system does not introduce non-compliance, c) we have carried out some basic compliance tests ourselves. With regard to our products, we will shortly be issuing a Product Compliance Statement to all users of our products who have a current support agreement with us, or who have responded to the latest copy of our Newsletter. Unless you advise us otherwise, this statement will be sent to the technical contact registered with us for your organisation. For your information, the main points of this statement will be: - there are no year 2000 issues inherent in any of our supported products as delivered; - the latest versions of our products have been tested with the appropriate versions of the hardware and operating systems with which they are intended to be used; - our support and consultancy services will be available over the year 2000 transition period, i.e. between 30th Dec 1999 and 3rd Jan 2000.

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