Free Beaded Ornament Patterns


Q: I'm new to beading and getting my feet wet with Christmas ornaments! Does anyone know of good sites that offer free beaded ornament patterns? I'm thinking of things like free-form snowflake patterns, and then just about anything else. Also, can anyone recommend some really good bead shops in the Seattle area (I live in Redmond). I searched the Yahoo yellow pages and there were so many hits, I didn't know where to start!

A:Check out any non-chain bead store. Ask for a more sophisticated and specialized store. Most people are willing to advise you. Then go to the junior college, go to the art department, and ask for names of beaders, or places that sell hand crafted beadwork, make some good contacts. Most artists are happy to share supply sources and ideas. Bead and Button Magazine has a lot of free ornament patterns. Go to the site and do a search for home decor. Many projects are available online, for example

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