The New London Day


The New London Day is a leading newspaper in eastern Connecticut. Published in both online and print editions, The Day (as it is abbreviated) offers the latest national and regional as well as local news to area citizens. The online version offers twelve top-line navigational links that lead to current news on contemporary issues like arts and entertainments, business and markets, lifestyles, and military developments. Numerous titles and subheadings link to stories that deliver complete coverage of the events. In addition, readers will find the usual daily newspaper sections, such as editorials, classifieds, and weather. The site is interactive, with opportunities to check the FAQs, send a letter to the editor, submit an ad, or ask a question. In addition, you can contact an editor or staff member with a question or to request information about subscriptions, news items, or other features. The Day has been serving its readership for many years with great success. The community looks to this publication to keep them informed of local and global events. Even activities or news that impacts daily living can be found in its pages, including obituaries, the lottery, horoscopes, and legal proceedings. If you plan to visit or relocate to eastern Connecticut, browse a few issues online or order a subscription. Keeping an eye on the daily news will keep you in the loop of what's happening and help you make the adjustment to your new surroundings. You may even decide to get involved by sending a letter to the editor, posting or answering an ad, or submitting a feature or opinion piece. Newspapers play a vital role in the communities they serve, so check out the New London Day when you happen to be in the area for either a visit or a stay, or even if you are just passing through.

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