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Q: I recently purchased publisher 2000 (am completely new to the product) and wanted to do my business cards on it. I bring my printed sheets of cards to the printer to get cut. The only problem is that I don't know what margin setting I should use to print these out. My printer also said he didn't know (I don't buy that). The printer has a cutter that is set for adobe print out business cards. I have brought my business cards for cutting in the past (created in word 97) but the printer always remarked that they were not laid out properly and I end up with poorly cut cards as a result. If anyone does this, or knows what margins to use to mimic adobe business card output, please let me know.

A: I print my own business cards using Publisher 2000 and either use a blank card put out by Avery, which some are perferated, or I use my own paper and cut them with a GOOD $25 PAPER CUTTER from the local office supply store. The edges on the perferated Avery card are smooth and look just as professional as the printshop cards. I also get raves about my cards a lot of times from a lot of my clients. When you print your business cards just make sure of following things. 1. Select FILE, PRINT. 2. In the Printer Dialog Box push Advanced Print Settings. Make sure Crop Marks is checked. 3. Push the Page Options button and set the proper settings. Print your own cards, and using the Crop Marks printed on your sheet as guides, slap a few sheets together and cut them out with your new paper cutter. Also, if you are using a stardard business card sheet like Avery, you purchased in a office supply store, locate the product number on the box and do the following: 1. Open Microsoft Word and select TOOLS, ENVELOPES AND LABELS. Select the Labels tab. 2. Under the Labels tab push OPTIONS. Click on the appropriate Product Number and push DETAILS. Here you should find all margins for the business card you selected. Use the Averys or your own paper, buy the paper cutter, put your money in your own wallet and tell your local print shop G-O-O-D-B-Y-E!!!

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