The Consignment Auction - When You Have Something To Sell


A consignment auction is a good way to get rid of some things you have for sale, especially if you have only a few items. Here's how a consignment auction works, and why it's so good for both buyers and sellers. A consignment auction is typically held on a regular basis - a particular day of the week or month at a set time and place. The fact that the event is held regularly helps draw a larger crowd than might be found at an estate auction. The company that hosts the auction provides everything, from display areas to record keeping to auctioneer services. All you need to provide are the items to be sold. You take your items to the consignment auction well ahead of the sale time. Different consignment auctions will have different rules about what time items are to be delivered, so you need to check with your company. You'll be checked in when you drop off your items, assigned a lot number and given a receipt. You're free to stay (or return) and watch the auction, or you can simply go home and wait for your check to arrive. The consignment auction company charges a fee for handling the sale of your items. It may be a sliding rate fee, a flat rate or a percentage of what bidders paid for your items. A percentage is a good way to ensure that the auctioneers will attempt to get the best price possible. For the buyer, the consignment auction is the perfect place to find anything and everything, and usually at a fairly good price. Some consignment auctions limit what can be sold and some have a wide-open policy. If you're looking for something in particular, some consignment auction companies will even take your name and alert you if they find out that item is to be offered for sale.

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