History Of India Clothes


India clothing went through a lot of changes in the nineteenth century. During the 1930's women's fashions started to become more stylish and fashionable. Even with the changes India was making they still kept their traditional fabrics they had always used. Later in the nineteenth century a new Style of clothes that fit the body tight started to become very popular and India began to add this in their fashions. The colors of clothing were mostly bright and colorful, but some dark colors were being added to the new styles giving more variety to choose from. During this same decade India clothes for men also went though some changes but they still held onto their traditions. India men continued to wear Headdresses that had been worn by them for so long. The headdresses are things like the turban and are still being worn today. These turbans are made by fabric that was not sewed together but is one piece of material. Tracing history it would seem this has always been case with men's headgear. The India women accepted the fashion change more than the men did, but still keep a lot of tradition around. They still wore their veils and wore they traditional clothing at ceremonies and festivities. In the 80s the elders were affected by how much TV had caught the attention of, and made an impression on the new generation. This is when they started accepting change a little better, and the India clothing became more fashionable. In today's fashions India styles are still changing; the western cuts have been introduced to the Indian fabrics and have made a beautiful and elegant fashion statement. These clothes are both beautiful and durable. Veils are still being worn by the women in India today and may always be a big part of India clothes and culture.

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