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  • Age 48 An Dam Completing My Accounting Degree-bachelors-any Suggestion ?


    Q: I am 48 years old and am finishing my bachelors degree in accounting. Any advice on how to move into the field at my age. I feel that age plays a big role in accounting???helpA:That depends on where you'd like to go. I don't see you as an entry level auditor grunting out 60 hour weeks for peanuts, but you have to start somewhere I suppose. What is your other background? That to me would...

  • Jewelry Orders - Reasonable Time To Wait?


    Q: This may be an unanswerable question, but I was wondering if there was a reasonable ballpark time to expect to wait for mailorder body jewelry to arrive? I'm talking basic barbells, nothing custom at all. I made 2 jewelry orders from a website (a site I found via BME that I've received good service from in the past); one I've been waiting for 12 weeks, the other, a month. I've had to repierce during that time so I won't even be able...

  • Sealed Unit Machinery


    Q: Power Seal Services Limited U.K Machinery Manufacturer seeks non U.K distributors for it's products which include; Hot Melt Dispensers Edge Press Tables Desiccant Dispenser Disassembly Tool (for splitting units) Hand Held Thermometer (for checking sealant application temperature)A: Hi I need Information regarding import and export to your country please go to 1998 Top 10 Websites for New Entrepreneurs as Selected by SB Management Consultants Association: Small Business Advisor: Start-up & Growth Tactics: Articles: Primer on Small Business: Entrepreneurial Articles Search: Entrepreneurial Centers: Expo Guide:...

  • Jewelry Factory Livonia


    You may not know it but there is a lot of great jewelry to be found in Michigan. If you are a jewelry fan or you are going to be in Livonia, you need to visit the Jewelry Factory Livonia to see all the great items they have. You will truly be surprised by all the wonderful things they have available. They have a great selection of beautiful jewelry. There are many jewelers in the Livonia area and you can...