Today at the Agonist Learning Center

  • Publishing Software


    if you are looking to become a publisher rather than a published author, there has never been an easier time of it than there is right now. Now you can order publishing software that can handle most of the hard work for you so that you don't have to go through all of the trouble of doing it yourself. The publishing software will handle all of the odd jobs so that you can focus most of your time in finding...

  • Man Wedding Ring Band?


    Q: We just took a gander at wedding bands the other day and I saw a nice plain one that I expected would be perfect for the future husband. He balked and said no, he wanted a band that had diamonds. This was completely unexpected. Maybe he's just jerking my chain, but he may have actually seen a men's ring like that which he liked, or he just came up with the idea out of the blue. ...

  • Associate Degree In Applied Science For Paraleagal... ?


    Q: I am in parks college studying to become a paralegal and they are going to give me an associate degree for that. I want to know if that is a waste of time because there not certified by ABA: Will i be able to get a job after i graduate? Or am i wasting my time? Does anyone have an opinion of parks college?A:Myself and another male graduated at the top of our class at an ABA approved...

  • That Is Just About As Bad As Doing A Bankruptcy.


    Q: I'm asking for a friend and she needs to get info about debt-consolidation. She's about 5000us$ in debt and if you could find any online-resources or phone-numbers that might help her I would be most grateful. (I'm swedish, so please excuse if my language fails from time to time) The most stuff I've found deals with 10000$+ debts and this is not really helpful... A: I don't think I would bother for a $5K debt. Debt consolidation services normally lead to a major...