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  • Are Any Rider Training Courses Available?


    Q: I will briefly introduce myself. I am forty *mumble* and am about to get my Bandit 600. It is about 20 years since I owned a bike, always wanted one but money and families came first. Anyway I have now stumped the readies and put the deposit on this. I wondered if there are any suitable training courses for someone returning to biking after a large gap. Ideally something locally based. I am in Rochdale ( Nr Manchester) for...

  • Tourist Attractions In Egypt


    Egypt is filled with history that ranges more than 6,000 years. In this country where Arabic, English and French are official languages, the entire country is surrounded with a piece of world history. Visitors can take a look at the archeological riches such as the Sphinx and Tutankhamen's tomb and finish off their visit with a tour of the Nile River. In Egypt, the land is filled with many places to see making the tourist choices endless. The...

  • Texas Personal Injury Lawyers


    Q: there is a news that "Texas personal injury lawyer has found a new and highly ingenious way to take a big byte out of the laptop computer industry: File a phantom class-action lawsuit for consumers over a problem they've never encountered. " I am just be particularly down on the legal profession in general and the Texas justice system in particular. I just read the above news. Lawsuits and lawyers like this? No place but Texas A: The man who...

  • Consumer Debt And The Economy Needing Help


    Q: If I can trust what I've read (and remember it correctly) the current dogma goes like this: 1. The US economy needs more consumer spending to rev it up. 2. A lot of consumer debt may be bad for individuals, but the economy would be better if more people ran up their credit cards. If this is all true, why does the new budget decrease tax rates (and provide the rebate) rather...