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  • Cleaning Solar Panels


    Q: I've been pretty much leaving it up to the rain to keep the solar panels clean. I swish off debris like leaves with a soft brush but that's all so far. (I'm not too fond of crawling around on the roof.) Should I be doing anything else? How delicate are they? Thanks for any and all advise.A: The controller for our solar panels displays the amperage going to the batteries. Firstly, thank you, all, for replying. Secondly, I think...

  • Certification Courses Sydney Australia .


    Q: I live in Sydney, Australia and I would like to do some MS + Novell certification courses, basically to qualify for a job. I prefer instructor-led rather than A/V or web based learning. Excom seem to have a good web site - but are they really instructor-led or more A/V based. They also state that "EXCOM Education guarantees you a job in IT within 4 months of completing the IT Career Builder Course". Any other suggestions? A: -The...

  • Political Science Degree


    A major in Political Science is preparation for a broad range of careers, and for a lifetime of enhanced appreciation of the world about you. In addition to entering positions associated with the public in federal, state, or local government a Political Science degree often creates jobs for journalists, consultants, and members of a wide community of other publicly oriented professions. Political Science provides a strong background for law school, and its concern with decision-making, organization behavior, public/private sector relationships,...

  • Vacation At Cape May Nj


    Cape May New Jersey is the oldest seashore resort in the United States of America. Cape May New Jersey stretches 20 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean and has had many famous people visit. Some of the famous people who have visited Cape May New Jersey include John Phillip Sousa, P.T. Barnum, Gen. Robert E. Lee, William Tecumsah Sherman, Abraham Lincoln, James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, Ulysses S. Grant and Benjamin Harrison. Cape May New Jersey was discovered in 1620 by Cornelius Jackson...