Today at the Agonist Learning Center

  • Cheap Flights To Jamaica


    Jamaica is fast becoming one of the most favoured tourist destinations not only for US citizens but also for people from around the globe. This is good news for future travellers because it has reduced a monopoly on the air carriers that fly to Jamaica and now more and more air carriers are choosing to fly to Jamaica to keep up with consumer demand. Jamaica is wonderful country stemmed in history and because of its socio-economic background it is a...

  • Everything You Need To Know From Windsor Prom


    Windsor prom dresses are beautiful and stylish. They look nice, and they can enhance your natural good features. The secret, according to the Windsor Web site ( is to know how to choose a dress that looks good with what you have got. There are plenty of stylish and fashionable dresses that look good on some girls but not on others. However, any body type can find a dress that capitalizes on her own best features, while minimizing the ones...

  • Chrysler Stock: The Stock Investors Love To Hate


    Chrysler stock seems to have a love-hate relationship with any investor's portfolio. Since Daimler-Benz AG purchased Chrysler Corporation in a $37 billion acquisition in 1998, the Daimler Chrysler AG stock, traded under the symbol DCX, has not been among investors' favorite stocks. Daimler Chrysler AG, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, now manufactures about 4.6 million vehicles, under the Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and Mercedes-Benz brand names, and creates everything from sport utility vehicles to mid-sized cars to luxury vehicles. ...

  • Apple Cider Vinegar


    Q: Does apple cider vinegar really work on heartburn? I'm 10 weeks pregnant and have had the WORST heartburn and morning sickness I think I've ever heard of.... and to top it off, my Dr put me on Zantac (300 mg) and it made me zonk out for 12 hours at a time and when I woke, I felt drugged up, dizzy, pulse racing, and just plain sick. So I'm looking for a long-term holistic medicine to help out. What...