Today at the Agonist Learning Center

  • Online Car Parts


    Shopping for online car parts is the best way to acquire the requisite parts for your car. The Internet is your market and you are the customer shopping for the online car parts right from your house. You need not step out even one single bit to avail of this extraordinary service. Today the world economy is heading towards a web-based one with all the different options of buying and selling taking shape through the internet. You can find the top...

  • Card To Enable Me To Test Online Orders Thoroughly?


    Q: Does anyone know how or where to obtain a dummy Credit Card and Debit Card to enable me to test online orders thoroughly? At the moment we test up to the point when a Credit/Debit card entry is required. Our only approach then is to type in a False card number and details and have the Buynet system reject the card. This is obviously unsatisfactory as we would like to verify the order system completely and then cancel...

  • Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Training


    Q: I work in an organization that has a total of about 5000 people. We exchange jokes face-to-face male/female, and send them around by email. Many of the men are married to women they met at work, and the couples now there together. I just finished out a report on a "harassment" case. The woman got angry with the man and yelled "harassment". I bundled together her email files, and talked to a few folks about the jokes she...

  • Buying And Selling Wholesale Jewelry


    Buying and selling wholesale jewelry can be a very profitable business, or just a great way to obtain fashionable accessories at low prices. Most stores and resellers purchase their wares at wholesale prices directly from the manufacturer or from direct importers. Wholesale prices do not include the retail mark-ups you find in department or jewelry stores, so they are significantly cheaper. To obtain jewelry for wholesale prices, buyers typically have to purchase in bulk. Retailers buy...