Today at the Agonist Learning Center

  • Which Is Cic Credit Report


    Q: I am about to apply for my citizenship soon. I am wondering what is the steps towards checking the residence requirement? Will the government check the credit history, income report, etc? I have been living in and out of Canada here and there. I did not really stay in one place for more than 6 months long, and I never had Canadian income (eating savings, traveling), although I filled income tax everything with Nothing to report. Will that...

  • Property Auction


    Are you looking for a good way to sell personal property? If so, one of the best ways to do this is by selling it through a property auction. At a property auction, you can sell anything from real estate to jewelry. Do you have an automobile that you would like to sell? A property auction would be a great place to do this. If you have antiques or furniture for sale using a property auction would help you sell...

  • Ems Continuing Education


    Q: It seems this is still a rather emotional issue.... Many paramedics seem the be threatened that an EMT may be able to perform many of the same skills.... admittedly there is a difference in knowledge base, but at what expense. In Utah we have over 100,000 residents in the county I live in that are served by volunteer systems. Paramedic skills would be great, but not prctical due to cost and time commitments. With primary...

  • Card Credit Debt Reduction Strategy


    Q: I am a Quicken 4.0 user who is wrestling to pay off student loans, an auto loan, and and credit card debt on two cards (at different interest rates). Is there a software program--embedded in Quicken, MYM, or Money-- which will help me figure out the best strategy for paying off these loans. I have some cash to pay down this debt, but since my loans have different interest rate and terms, I am confused about...