Today at the Agonist Learning Center

  • Fantasy Football - Football To Feed Your Wildest Fantasies


    Fantasy football is a sport created for and played by both enthusiastic novice and energetic seasoned football fans. As a fantasy football participant, you have the opportunity to draft your own team and to compete with teams built by other people just like yourself. The sheer beauty of fantasy football is all the amazing and accurate football statistical information at your fingertips. There are many websites and news channels that deal strictly with football. There is also an online source...

  • Negotiate With The Second Lien Holder For A Discount??


    Q: I am trying to work on a pre-foreclosure right now and the owner has a second mortgage. Should I wait to purchase the house at the auction? Or should I try to negotiate with the second lien holder for a discount?? A: - You cannot close the purchase until the 2nd is paid off. Consult your local closing agent or title company for specifics in your area. - That's just one option. There are dozens...

  • A Perfect Graduation Dress


    It's a dream that we all have, finding the perfect graduation dress. Everyone remembers their own prom night with great emotion. For one reason or another, a prom night is the one occasion that people look back on time and time again, and finding the perfect graduation dress for the night can be similar to looking for a wedding dress. Months, sometimes even years before the occasion, girls start looking for a good graduation dress. They anticipate how...

  • Is There A Organization Like Canada Consolidate Debt In


    Q: Ouch - that bad eh? In Canada there is an organization 'Credit Counselors of Canada' - or something like that. A non-profit organization that work with the banks, credit card co's and other creditors. They help you consolidate your debt and arrange fair payments and help you avoid filing for bankruptcy. Is there a similar organization in the states? In Canada it's a pretty big deal and hassle to declare bankruptcy maybe it's not in the states. Here there...