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Karzai on course for victory

October 12

Press Association –   Afghan president Hamid Karzai won the first-ever presidential election with the outright majority needed to avoid a second round, and by a wide margin over his nearest competitor, according to an independent exit poll.

The survey by the US International Republican Institute, a non-profit group that seeks to promote democracy abroad, found Karzai ahead of second place finisher Yunus Qanooni by 43%.

Update October 13: Counting of the votes is to begin today.
A helicopter being used to collect ballots crashed.

And something to ponder: Karzai may invite Taliban for parliamentary election.

Earlier post on the election here.

1 comment to Karzai on course for victory

  • Anonymous

    In Afghanistan, ‘ethno-democracy’ rules
    Both the initiatives of opposition candidates and President Hamid Karzai clearly indicate that Afghanistan’s “new politics” is helplessly caught in the maelstrom of volatile ethnic politics, with each of the dominant groups  jockeying for position and influence in the post-elections scene. – Kaveh Afrasiabi

    US solution to a US problem
    The majority of Afghans played no part in the decision-making regarding the schedule and structure of the weekend’s presidential elections, and will not benefit from the results: the election process was imposed by the US to solve “Afghan problems” as defined by the US.

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