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Why Democrats and Lobbying Reform Is A Bad Idea

Sean-Paul Kelley | San Antonio | January 18

The Agonist – In early January I explicitly stated that Congressional Democrats getting into a debate with Republicans was a loser on several counts. I said:

The most important thing to do is enforce the laws we already have on the books. Why more reform? Why more government? Why not win back Congress on this issue and conduct some much needed oversight instead of giving Republicans another chance to call us ‘big-government liberals’ who just want to regualte everything. For once can we take a winning page from the Republican playbook? Pretty please?

Today’s WaPo gives us another great reason why we should never get involved in negotiation reform packages with Republicans. Their package is so outrageous as to be a joke. But that’s the point. Now they might be able to neutralize the issue with Democrats, the same way they did Homeland Security in 2002. The stage is now set for them to call Congressional Democrats hypocrites on the issue because the Democrats won’t support a plan that is narrowly passed through the House and Senate.

Why the Democrats won’t take a page out of the Republican playbook is beyond me. Keep it simple: let’s enforce existing laws first. Why make the government bigger, with more rules?

Update: Bob Fertik says forget reform, remember revolution.

1 comment to Why Democrats and Lobbying Reform Is A Bad Idea

  • Anonymous

    has sone wonderful ideas.  May we borrow them and adapt some of them for our needs?

    The one thing he left out was there has to be something done about negative campaigns.  There are countries that have procedures that control their use.  Freedom means everyone can speak and not be silenced or intimidated by those that have the loudest and most profane voice.  

    America doesn’t have quite as much of their media controlled by mega media corporations as is the case in Canada, but there need to be balances created there too.

    Totally agree about taking money out of politics the hands of lobbyists.    

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