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China Fears Once and Future Kingdom

James Brooke | Seoul | August 25

NYT – China and South Korea tried to patch over the sharpest crisis in 12 years of diplomatic relations by agreeing Tuesday to discuss calmly the boundaries of the Kingdom of Koguryo that disappeared from maps 1,300 years ago. South Korea’s love affair with China has dissipated as national discourse has given way to a national furor over the dispute.

2 comments to China Fears Once and Future Kingdom

  • Anonymous

    has said the same about the same as this China’s state-controlled New China News Agency recently called the kingdom a “subordinate state that fell under the jurisdiction of the Chinese dynasties and was under the great influence of China’s politics, culture and other areas.” in its statements about Tibet.

    Fortunately, the Koreas have autonomy and can more easily express their outrage. And it truly is outrageous; much of the ancient art, ceramic styles, and religious architecture in Korea comes from this period. Yes, it may have been influenced by greater China, but it’s quite distinctive in character.

  • Anonymous

    Seoul-Beijing Koguryo Battle Resumes Again
    Korea Times, South Korea – 13 hours ago

    … Koguryo, which was loosely sealed up in the verbal agreement last month, is shaping up into a second round as Seoul strongly urged again Beijing to correct its …

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