11-11 Tie

I’ll have more on this shortly. But the Senate Commerce Committee voted 11-11 today on net neutrality.

Matt makes an important point here, as the momentum going into a floor fight is clearly on our side now:

They held under intense lobbying pressure from the telecoms. I think it’s fair to say that we’ve reversed the momentum on this issue, turning it from a little noticed 23-8 subcommittee vote in the House on April 5 to today’s 11-11 tie in Commerce Committee and clearly what will be a contentious floor fight.

Moveon.org agrees (from a press relaease, no link available):

The little guy has seized the momentum in this fight to preserve Internet freedom,” said Eli Pariser, Executive Director of MoveOn.org Civic Action. ”œCompanies like AT&T thought they’d easily get Congress to allow tollbooths on the Internet by spending millions in TV ads, lobbying, and campaign contributions. But millions of Internet users are fighting back together to preserve Net Neutrality, and we’re holding politicians accountable on this issue.”

This isn’t over and I will have who voted and how, up soon. McCain voted with the Republicans but every Democrat on the committee voted for net neutrality, and Olympia Snowe. Kay Bailey Hutchison is obviously no friend of net neutrality. Then again, she has received over $60,000 $13,250 from the telco cartel. Figures. She’s not heard the last from us here at The Agonist.

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  • Google is building a massive complex right down I-84 from Portland, with the intent of cornering the market on Internet video downloads.

    Protecting one of your state’s large employers is democracy at its finest, right Sean-Paul?

  • By John Eggerton, STAFF
    (Broadcasting & Cable) _ As the Senate prepares to take up video franchise/telecom reform in the Commerce Committee Tuesday, Senator Ron Wyden (R-Ore.) has threatened to put a hold on the bill if it is not strong enough on network neutrality.

    Wyden, who has co-sponsored an amendment strengthening network neutrality language, told home state newspaper, The Oregonian, that “I will do anything I can to block a major telecom rewrite that undermines what makes the Internet special. I will block it. I will do anything I can to derail it,” including a hold.

    A hold is the custom of delaying a floor vote at the request of even one Senator. But it is a custom, not a rule, so the Senate leadership is not bound by rule to honor it. But if it does, that could jeopardize passage in this session, though the legislators could come back, and likely will, for a lame duck period after the fall elections.


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