If you tell a lie big enough

Shorter  Jim DeMint: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

P.M.Carpenter notes some of the big lies DeMint is telling, while Booman writes that “his plan is to research how to best distort people’s perception so that they accept his alternative reality.  He doesn’t plan on using his think tank to come up with new ideas that might appeal to the voters, but, instead, to change what they want.”

Remember,the Heritage Foundation asked DeMint to be their new president, he wasn’t forced on them. This is the beginning of an attempted reconcilliation between the neocons and the tea partiers, to find a common ground between the domestically-focussed and socially conservative far right and the warmongering, hawkish far right as the core of the Republican party going forward. That core will involve trying to change (co-opt) the bigotry of the tea partiers into something the neocons can work with. Bill Kristol will also be there with bells on.

This is the best idea the hard right can come up with to avoid the death of their party. Moderates will not be required.

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